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Starry Ocean Wave Projector

Starry Ocean Wave Projector

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Various Dynamic Projection Shows

The star projector night light offers a mesmerizing display of starlight and nebula clouds in various colors and patterns (red, blue, and green). It can realistically project a starry night sky onto walls and ceilings, allowing you to immerse yourself in the enchanting underwater world of the sea or wander through a dreamy starry landscape.

Rotation and Sound Activation

This ocean wave projector features rotational capabilities. Its unique sound-activated mode synchronizes the flashing frequency with the rhythm of the sound, creating a dynamic display that changes style along with the beat of your music.

USB Cable and Remote Control Convenience

Easily switch between starlight or nebula cloud modes, or enjoy both simultaneously using the remote control. Adjust the color, speed, and brightness of the wave light, as well as the sound mode and volume. Activate the "Sound Mode" for the ocean wave and starlight to synchronize with the music rhythm. The USB cable provides portability and convenience for various occasions.

Built-in Bluetooth Speaker

Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth or insert a TF card into the port to play your favorite songs alongside the light show. Pair your device by searching for "DQ-M2" in Bluetooth settings and enjoy the beauty of the starry sky accompanied by relaxing and cozy music.

Perfect Gifts for All Ages

This night light ceiling projector makes an ideal gift for parties, birthdays, weddings, or as a bedroom accessory for both kids and adults. It creates a magical starry atmosphere that nurtures curiosity, imagination, and creativity in children. Additionally, it serves as an excellent interior decoration, providing romantic mood lighting, a night lamp, or a bedside lamp.
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