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Solar Powered Rubber Stripping Car Ventilation Auto Cool Fan

Solar Powered Rubber Stripping Car Ventilation Auto Cool Fan

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Introducing the Solar-Powered Auto Cool Ventilation Fan, the eco-friendly solution to keeping your car cool and fresh.

Here's why it's a must-have:

- Cooling & Ventilation: This innovative fan ensures optimal airflow, keeping your car's interior cool and ventilated, even on scorching days.
- Detoxifying: By circulating fresh air, it helps detoxify the interior environment, ensuring a healthier atmosphere for you and your passengers.
- Lengthens Lifespan: Protects inner electrical components from overheating, potentially extending the lifespan of your car's systems.
- Energy Efficient: Powered solely by solar energy, it saves on energy costs and reduces carbon footprint.
- No Batteries Needed: With its solar-powered design, it operates without the need for batteries, providing hassle-free use.
- Simple Installation: Universal fit makes installation a breeze, fitting most car models effortlessly.
- Window Compatibility: Note that it may not work with electric windows that don't allow obstruction, so adjustments may be needed for optimal functionality.

Upgrade your car with this weatherproof, energy-efficient, and eco-conscious ventilation solution for a more comfortable and sustainable driving experience.

Material - Poly-Silicon

Warm tip: If you have electric windows that will not allow anything to be in the window, so will not close. Please help yourself to solve it. With poly-silicon solar panels, no batteries are needed.

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