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Sleeping Cat Night Lamp

Sleeping Cat Night Lamp

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Adorable Silicon Cat Night Light

Meet the Cute Silicon Cat with USB Rechargeable Night Light and Gesture Control Sensor. This charming night light stars an interactive cat that reacts to your touch and gestures. With its rechargeable lithium-ion battery, enjoy hours of delightful company and relaxation while basking in the gentle glow of its soft LED light.

Vibrant 7-Color Breathing Mode

Experience the CUTE CAT night light for kids' rooms in its 7-color Breathing Mode, cycling through a delightful sequence of seven different colors. Embrace every shade of the rainbow and immerse yourself in a captivating display.

Effortless Touch Control

A simple tap or press on the cat lamp switches between 8 breathing modes, from warm brightness to 7 rotating color modes. Effortlessly navigate through the varied lighting options with ease.

Warm & Relaxing Illumination
Cute night light emanates a cozy, soothing glow, fostering a safe and comforting atmosphere that lulls your baby into a deep, restful sleep throughout the night.

Trusted Sleep Companion

Is bedtime a struggle due to your kid's fear of the dark? This silicone night light offers a soft, squishy touch that kids adore, providing a comforting sleep companion they'll love holding.

Perfect for Nighttime Reading

Say goodbye to struggles with flashlights while reading in bed. This adorable night light is an excellent bedtime companion for your child, easily controlled with a simple tap.

Portable & Convenient

Designed with convenience in mind, baby night lights are compact and easy to carry, making it a favorite for bedtime trips to the bedroom or bathroom.

Ideal Gift for Kids

Whether for a birthday, Christmas, or baby shower, this cute lamp is an unbeatable gift. Witness the sheer delight as your little one unwraps the gift box and discovers their new favorite companion.
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