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Portable USB Mini Electric Rechargeable Citrus Juicer

Portable USB Mini Electric Rechargeable Citrus Juicer

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Make a glass of orange juice for you and your family in the morning and enjoy the start of a beautiful day and embark on a healthy path!

Your health is very important

Children and Pregnant women drink fruit juice, which can supplement vitamin C and better absorb nutrients, as well as provide other essential nutrients to the human body; the elderly can promote absorption. It is scientifically proven that drinking fruit juice or vegetable juice every day can prevent disease.

How to use:

1. Press and hold the switch button for 2s to turn on the machine, and the indicator light will be on at the same time, put in half an orange, and place the container under the juice outlet.

2. Cover and screw the upper cover tightly, click the switch button to start, and the machine starts to work. After the machine completes a round, it will automatically stop working before removing the peel.

3. If you need to add the cut fruit again, repeat the above actions to complete the juice extraction function.

4. After juicing is complete, press and hold the power button for 2s to shut down.

5. Take out the juice squeezing head, and rinse the lid of the cup with the attached cleaning brush.

USB rechargeable

Using USB wireless portable, it takes 1.5-2 hours to charge once, and can squeeze 40 oranges continuously with one charge.

Professional orange juice squeezer

The juice yield is as high as 90%, it is cleaner and not wasted, contains more nutrients and a small amount of fiber, to obtain a thicker and smoother texture.

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