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Pearl Luster Jar Scented Candle with Lid

Pearl Luster Jar Scented Candle with Lid

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Our Pearl Luster Jar with pearlescent sheen and earthy cork lid creates a refined charm. Soy wax candles release captivating fragrances, turning any space into a serene sanctuary. Emphasizing quality, style, and eco-friendliness, this exquisite candle jar adds visual and aromatic grandeur to your adobe.

1.Paraffin-Free Delight: Experience the beauty of candles without compromise with our paraffin-free candles. Crafted with precision from high-quality soy wax, our candles promise a clean and even burn.

2.Long-Lasting Fragrance: Our Pearl Luster Jar, with quality soy wax and a meticulously crafted cork lid, ensures extended burn time and fragrance preservation during non-use. The cork lid's design facilitates a slow, even burn, extending the overall lifespan for lasting enjoyment.

3.Versatile usage: Perfect for cozy homes and elegant gatherings, our fragrance sets a visual and aromatic luxury. Additionally, its bathroom suitability and stress-release properties enhance diverse usage.

4.Thoughtful Packaging: Delivered in carefully designed packaging, making it an ideal gift for yourself or someone special.

Weight: 150ml

Package contents : 1* Lustrous Pearl Candle Jar

1. Random color candles are sent.
2. Cash on delivery not available.
3. Keep out of reach of children.
4. The candles are not returnable, to claim broken candle problems please make a video of parcel opening.
5. Delivered in 8-10 working days.
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