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Owl Night Lamp

Owl Night Lamp

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Size: L-9.5cm W-9cm H-11cm
Weight: 0.230 Grams
Material: Silicone
Package Content: 1 piece of Silicone Owl Night Lamp, With USB Rechargeable
Made In India


Soft Glow Companion:
Creates a soft and reassuring glow, fostering a sense of security and relaxation for children at bedtime.

Whimsical Room Decor:
Enhances the child's room with a whimsical and playful design, adding a decorative touch to their space.

Calming Design Elements:
Incorporates soothing colors and shapes to induce a calming effect, reducing pre-sleep anxiety.

Thoughtful Gift Option:
A considerate and practical gift choice for birthdays or special occasions, offering both charm and functionality.
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