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Little Minions Cartoon Action Mini Figures (Pack of 6)

Little Minions Cartoon Action Mini Figures (Pack of 6)

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Fun Action Figures Set
- This set includes 6 movie characters sporting various costumes.

Great Gift Idea
- Ideal for Birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and more.

Perfect Collection for Learning
- Introduce characters to kids, teaching adventure, responsibility, teamwork, and fostering stronger parent-child bonds.

High-Quality Material
- Made of PVC, ensuring safety with a non-toxic composition.

Versatile Use
- Beyond being kids' toys, they serve as fantastic decorative items for cars and desktops.

Care Instructions
- Avoid corrosive liquids; clean with a damp cloth and water. Dimensions: 2.16 L x 2.10 W x 2.36 H (varies by design). Set of 6 pieces.

Product Description
The toys engage different facets of a child's mind, encouraging group play with friends. Promoting teamwork, they're perfect for fostering a sense of participation in household activities.

Features of the Toy:

- Wonderful Gift Idea: Perfect for Birthday Parties, Christmas, or Children's Day celebrations.
- Companions for Happiness: These figures keep children joyful and dispel loneliness, giving parents more flexibility in their activities.
- Stimulating Imagination and Creativity: They inspire imagination and creative potential in children.
- Great Decor for Car and Desktop: Placing these figures in cars or on desktops adds a delightful touch to everyday life.
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