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Little Minions Cartoon Action Mini Figures (Pack of 10)

Little Minions Cartoon Action Mini Figures (Pack of 10)

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This set of action figures showcases 10 movie characters in an array of costumes.

Ideal for Birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and more, these Anime Figures make for a fantastic present.

Introduce each figure's character to your kids, instilling values of adventure, responsibility, and teamwork. Enhance communication and strengthen relationships while creating numerous opportunities for interaction.

Crafted from PVC, these action figures prioritize safety with their non-toxic materials.

These toys aren't just for play; they also double as fantastic decorative items for both cars and desktops. Ensure cleaning with non-corrosive liquids, using a damp cloth and clean water.

Each piece measures between 1.5 to 2.3 inches, comprising a set of 10 pieces.

Product Description
Stimulating various facets of a child's mind, this toy set encourages cooperative play with friends, fostering a spirit of teamwork. It's an ideal game that helps children feel involved in household activities.

Features of the Toy

Wonderful Gift
Perfect for Birthday Parties, Christmas, or Children's Day, these Action Figures make for thoughtful and exciting gifts.

Little Happy Partners
These toy figures become companions, ensuring your children never feel lonely, providing parents with more free time.

Imagination and Creativity Development
These action figures nurture imaginative play, sparking creativity in your children.

Great Decoration for Car and Desktop
Placing these figures in your car or on your desktop adds an extra element of fun to your surroundings.
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