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Kluster Magnets Game

Kluster Magnets Game

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Kluster - Magnetic Fun for Everyone

1. Interactive Family Fun
Designed for engaging play during family game nights or gatherings with friends.
2. Unique Magnetic Challenge
Offers a novel challenge using high-quality magnetic stones, adding skill to the gameplay.
3. Suitable for Kids and Adults
Versatile design caters to both kids and adults, ensuring enjoyment across various age groups and settings.
4. 1-4 Player Capability
Accommodates 1-4 players, offering flexibility for solo play or group competition.
5. Brain-Boosting
Challenges stimulate strategic thinking, problem-solving, and spatial reasoning skills.
6. High-Quality Construction
Made with durable materials for repeated play sessions, ensuring longevity.
What’s in the box?
- 24 high-quality magnetic stones
- 1 cord
- 1 bag
- 1 set of rules

Box Dimensions-
170 x 120 x 30mm

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