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Hobbit Soft Plush Winter Slippers

Hobbit Soft Plush Winter Slippers

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Furry Adventure Feet: Plush, Comfortable, and Safe Slippers

Material and Closure:
Crafted from Premium Materials: The upper and lining feature premium short plush and environmental protection PP cotton, ensuring durability and super softness.
Secure Closure: Designed with a slip-resistant texture on the bottom for a safe and secure fit.

Comfort and Warmth:
Ultimate Comfort: Padded footbeds provide ample cushioning, offering exceptional comfort for lounging or themed events like Halloween parties.
Cozy Warmth: Enjoy a snug fit and plush materials that envelop your feet, keeping them incredibly cozy even on the chilliest days.

Versatile and Attention-Grabbing:
Versatile Style: These adorable slippers are perfect for adding a twist to your costume or making a bold fashion statement, guaranteed to catch everyone's eye.
Universal Sizing: Available in a Women's and Men's Unisex Slipper Universal Size (28cm) for convenience.

Safety Features:
Anti-Skid Design: The anti-skid bottom and silicone dot bottom ensure a secure grip, providing safety on wood or tile floors.
Water-Resistant: Guarding against slippery surfaces, the bottom sole prevents any risks of slipping, even on water-soaked floors.

Product Specifications:
Dimensions: Approximately 31 x 18 x 10 cm for each slipper, providing a comfortable fit for various foot sizes.
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