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High Pressure Automatic Pichkari/Water Gun

High Pressure Automatic Pichkari/Water Gun

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Introducing the ultimate water warfare companion: the Super High Quality Water Electric Gun. With a built-in 550ml water tank, it's ready for action, capable of firing approximately 130 shots on a full load. This water gun delivers a powerful surge, thanks to its high-pressure pump water jet action, reaching distances of up to 30-40 feet to dominate any water battle.

Equipped with a USB charging cable and rechargeable battery, this water gun ensures continuous fun. Its leak-proof battery compartment, coupled with a secure screw-tightened cover, guarantees worry-free playtime. Simply fill the tank, seal it tightly, and unleash a torrent of water with a quick pull of the trigger. Perfect for family fun and water fights, it promises hours of enjoyment for both kids and adults alike.

Featuring a user-friendly one-button design, this water gun is effortless to operate. Just pull the trigger, and the water keeps flowing, making it ideal for poolside or beach activities. Plus, with its safe and soft plastic body, it's child-friendly and non-toxic.

Let the festivities begin with this electric pichkari, perfect for Holi celebrations. With its vibrant colors and random design variations, it adds an element of surprise to the fun. Gift it to your loved ones and watch as they spread joy and drench others with water, creating cherished memories.

Package Dimensions - 30 x 16 x 3 cm; 600 Grams
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