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Handmade Baby Monk Buddha with Shaking Head Spring (Set of 4)

Handmade Baby Monk Buddha with Shaking Head Spring (Set of 4)

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Title: Car Ornament - Baby Monk Buddha Figurines

Product Details:
- Product Name: Car Ornament
- Material: Resin
- Weight: 400g (including packaging)
- Color: As displayed in the picture
- Size: 9.5*4.5cm
- Package Size: 10*9.5*9.5cm
- Packing: Color Boxed
- Packing List: 4 * Car Ornaments

The Baby Monk Buddha figurines hold significance worldwide, adorning homes, restaurants, and businesses alike. Revered as the Buddha of abundance and happiness, he's also known as the "Buddha of Wealth," believed to bring prosperity. A delightful addition to any collection, these monk figures serve as meaningful gifts, especially for children, with their adorable shapes attracting attention and carrying educational significance.

Little Baby Monk Buddha With Shaking Head Spring:
Crafted with elegance, this Buddha idol adds a regal touch to your living space. These idols beautifully adorn your home, perfect for enhancing your living room's beauty. Their spiritual essence and exquisite craftsmanship make them exceptional for gifting.

The Buddha Statue's Symbolism:
Representing blessings in all aspects of life, these figurines channel positive energy into your home or workplace, enriching the ambiance and serving as a meaningful decorative option.
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