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Geometric Panther Sculpture

Geometric Panther Sculpture

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Crafted from resilient resin material, our Modern Geometric Panther Sculpture epitomizes a perfect blend of strength and confidence. A versatile and imaginative accent, it seamlessly enhances any decor, symbolizing courage, valor, and power. It adds a high-end touch to diverse settings, exuding a sense of resilience and determination.

1.Premium Resin Craftsmanship: Each Panther Statue is meticulously handcrafted from premium resin material, ensuring durability and a polished finish.

2.Color Variety: Available in four stunning colors – black, golden, white, and pink allowing you to choose the perfect hue to complement your decor or express your
individual style.

3.Contemporary Art: Modern design with geometric elements, adding a contemporary finish. Ideal for those seeking an art piece that blends modern aesthetics with timeless symbolism.

4.Versatile Placement: Ideal for any setting, whether displayed on a shelf, mantel, or desk, these statues become a versatile and eye-catching centerpiece.

5.Durable and Lustrous: Crafted with precision and premium materials, the statues not only boast durability but also a lustrous finish that elevates the overall aesthetic.

6.Unique Home Decor: Express your unique style and infuse your home with the
timeless allure of the wild with these handcrafted Panther Statues, each a statement piece of exceptional artistry.

Size: 18.9×5.9 Inches
Weight: 850 gm
Style: Low Poly
Material: Resin
Colors: Black, Golden, White, and Pink

Package content- 1* Geometric Panther Sculpture

1. Cash on delivery not available.
2. The product is not returnable, to claim damaged product problems please make a video of parcel opening.
3. Delivered in 8-10 working days.
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