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Ganesha Design Fountain Smoke Backflow Burner

Ganesha Design Fountain Smoke Backflow Burner

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Ganesha, the auspicious deity, bestows blessings upon its possessor. This piece embodies a vibrant expression of a positive persona, ideal for adorning a study or desk, enriching one's surroundings with elevated sentiments.

The vase-like design accommodates either a Money plant or flowers, while this incense burner, when placed at home, truly reflects the owner's discerning taste. It serves as both an exquisite gift and a beautiful home decor item meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans employing traditional techniques.

Handmade to perfection, it's portable and serves multiple purposes. It functions as a classical display, an incense lore tool, and extends itself to hospitality needs. The package includes: 1 Backflow Incense Holder with 30 Scented Backflow Incense Cones. Note that the backflow incense might take 30-40 seconds to initiate. For optimal ornamental effects, it's advised to burn the incense cones in a windless environment.

How It Works-

Simply place an incense cone at the top of the waterfall, and watch as the smoke flows in reverse, creating a mesmerizing waterfall effect.

Comes with 10 backflow incense cones to get you started on your sensory journey.


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