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Empty Hair Dye Bottle Applicator with Comb

Empty Hair Dye Bottle Applicator with Comb

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- Ergonomic Design: This hair dye bottle with comb features a humanized design, ensuring easy operation with one hand and a comfortable grip, making hair coloring hassle-free both at home and in salons.
- Simple Operation: With just a light press, the paste evenly dispenses onto the comb, allowing for smooth and effortless application with one hand.
- Easy Disassembly: The bottle body and comb can be easily disassembled for convenient refilling of hair dye or cleaning, enhancing usability and maintenance.
- Versatile Comb Applicator: The comb teeth feature water holes, serving dual purposes as a dry comb or a hair dye applicator without leaving any residue on hands.
- Professional Hair Styling: Ideal for barbers, scalp treatments, hairdressers, and stylists, this practical comb applicator ensures even coloring with just a single press.
- Convenient Usage: Designed for easy squeezing and filling, this bottle is perfect for professional salons and home use, accommodating various liquid products like shampoo and hair dye.
- Precision Application: The comb applicator ensures precise distribution of color, achieving professional-grade results effortlessly.

Package Contains: It has 1 Bottle Comb

Composition: Plastic

Product Quantity: 110 ml

Hair Type: All Hair Type

Form: Others

Combo: Pack of 1

Ideal for: Women

Weight: 300 gm

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