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Emoji Alarm Clock, Night Lamp

Emoji Alarm Clock, Night Lamp

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Adorable Emoji Alarm Clock With Light Functions | Digital Clock | Desk Décor

Presenting the Adorable Emoji Alarm Clock With Light Functions, a delightful desk décor addition guaranteed to bring a smile to your face every morning. This charming digital clock blends practical functionality with whimsical charm, appealing to both kids and adults. Here’s why it’s a must-have:

🕒 Digital Precision: Bold LED digits ensure you never miss an important appointment.

🔊 Adjustable Volume: Set your preferred alarm volume for a gentle wake-up or an energetic start to the day.

🔋 Charging Port: Keep your devices powered up and ready to go with the handy charging port.

🎉 Interactive Emoji: Engage with the adorable emoji that reacts to touch or sound, adding playfulness to your mornings.

🔔 Snooze Supported: Enjoy a few extra minutes of sleep with the snooze function.

🌡️ Fahrenheit Temperature Display: Stay updated on the weather with the built-in temperature display in Fahrenheit.

🎨 Modern Design: Its heart-shaped, pink design adds a modern touch to any room, especially bedrooms or workspaces.

🔋 Battery-Powered: A reliable 1500mAh battery keeps the clock running without frequent battery changes.

🧒 Kid-Friendly: Ideal for teaching kids about time while adding a fun element to their room.

🪟 Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Versatile enough for use indoors on desks or outdoors in gardens.

🧡 Emoji Theme: Embrace the emoji trend with this fun and functional clock that adds personality to your space.

Width: 105mm
Length: 110mm
Height: 10 centimeters
Weight: 0.28 kilograms
Power Source:
Battery Powered (Batteries Included)
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