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Decorative Incense Smoke Backflow Cone (Pack of 300)

Decorative Incense Smoke Backflow Cone (Pack of 300)

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Explore our array of enticing fragrances:

- Rose: Its enduring fragrance offers a soothing, calming effect, ideal for easing nervous tension and anxiety.
- Lavender: Known for its air-purifying properties, it relaxes the mind, aids sleep, and effectively treats insomnia.
- Jasmine: Elevates mood, acts as an antidepressant, and carries a subtle aphrodisiac effect.

Pair these scents with The Immart incense Backflow burners for optimal results. Indulge in the delightful experience of savoring tea, practicing yoga, or immersing yourself in a good read while our incense burns.

Remember these safety precautions:
- Keep burning sticks away from flammable materials.
- Ensure that ashes fall onto fireproof and heat-resistant surfaces only.
- Do not ingest the incense, and always store it out of children's reach.

For prayers, meditation, or relaxation, opt for cone incense. It not only enhances confidence but also fosters a positive atmosphere and purifies the surroundings, spreading a lingering, pleasant aroma.
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