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Cute Shark Night Lamp

Cute Shark Night Lamp

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Adorable Shark LED Night Light - The Ideal Bedtime Pal for Your Child!

The Adorable Shark LED Night Light is designed to become your child's favorite nighttime buddy. Its easy tap control, soft silicone build, and durable battery make it an essential addition to any kid's room, promising both comfort and fun for a delightful bedtime routine.

Key Features:

1. Intuitive Design: This charming whale night light offers a tap-controlled color-changing system that transitions at a soothing pace. Its blend of brightness levels creates a calming atmosphere, featuring 7 colors in breathing mode, standby mode, and an auto-off function after 3 hours for your convenience.

2. Premium Silicone Build: Crafted from high-grade, BPA-free silicone, this animal night light is both touchably soft and easy to clean. Lightweight, portable, and entirely child-safe, it ensures a playtime experience free from any harmful smells or chemicals.

3. Long-Lasting Performance: Just a 2-hour charge powers our whale lamp for up to 11 hours, ensuring a reliable companion all through the night. Bid farewell to worries about sudden power cuts during your child's sleep, providing a secure and comforting environment.

4. Practical Convenience: Illuminate the room with this charming night light without disturbing anyone's rest. Perfect for nighttime tasks like diaper changes and breastfeeding, it allows mothers to attend to their little ones without harsh lighting.

5. Gentle Illumination: Our shark night light emits a soft, non-glare light that protects sensitive young eyes. It aids children in conquering their fear of darkness while navigating to the bathroom at night, fostering a sense of security.
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