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Christmas Tree Mug with Lid Stirrer

Christmas Tree Mug with Lid Stirrer

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Product Specifications:
- Capacity: 350 mL
- Material: Ceramic
- Product Type: Coffee Mug
- Usage/Application: Gifting
- Design: Round
- Weight: 650 g

Product Description:
- Material: Crafted from colored glaze ceramics using high-temperature applique techniques, this Christmas tree ceramic cup may occasionally exhibit minor craft imperfections like small black spots or bubbles, which are typical for ceramic products.
- Dimensions: Standing at 12 cm in height, 11 cm in width, and 13 cm in full length with the stirring bar.
- Use: Ideal for morning tea as a milk cup, for afternoon tea as a flower tea cup, or for daily hydration as a water cup.
- Design: Featuring a rounded cup mouth and meticulously processed ceramic surface, ensuring a delicate and smooth touch. The wide handle enhances drinking convenience while the ergonomic design prevents heat transfer, making it comfortable to hold without risking burns. Additionally, the matching cup cover securely fits the cup mouth, serving as a practical and aesthetically pleasing dustproof lid, perfect for keeping a spoon in place.

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