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Christmas Tree Ceramic Cups with Lid Straw

Christmas Tree Ceramic Cups with Lid Straw

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Title: Christmas Tree Ceramic Cup: Crafted Elegance for Versatile Use

Crafted Material: This Christmas tree ceramic cup is meticulously fashioned from colored glaze ceramics using high-temperature applique techniques. As with most ceramic products, minor craft imperfections like small black spots or bubbles might occur, which are entirely normal.

Versatile Utility: Embrace its functionality as a morning milk cup for your early brew, an elegant vessel for flower tea during leisurely afternoons, and a trusty water cup for your everyday hydration needs.

Design Details: The cup features a gracefully rounded mouth, while the ceramic surface of both the mouth and cup wall is treated to provide a delicately smooth touch. Its broad handle ensures easy handling, designed ergonomically to prevent any discomfort from heat. Complementing this, the matching cup cover snugly fits the mouth of the cup, serving as a convenient spot to rest your spoon while also offering practical dustproof functionality, all while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance.
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