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Brush Handle Coffee Mug

Brush Handle Coffee Mug

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Glamorous Start to Your Day: Beauty-Themed Ceramic Mug
Revitalize after your beauty sleep with this exquisite beauty-themed cup, setting the tone for an elegant morning.

Style in Every Sip
Featuring a handle shaped like beloved beauty tools, this 14-ounce mug adds a touch of unique style to your collection.

Perfect Capacity
Enjoy ample space for your favorite teas, coffees, or rich cocoa in this beautifully crafted ceramic mug.

Product Details
Crafted in ceramic, this mug is dedicated to those who understand the allure of makeup, believing in the power it adds to every woman. It's for those who embrace the variety of lipsticks, revel in makeup experimentation, and adore a mug that complements their pink hairbrush!
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