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Black Diamond Solitaire Ring Coffee Mugs

Black Diamond Solitaire Ring Coffee Mugs

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Glossy White Mug with Golden Ring Handle (300 ml)

A functional glossy white coffee/tea mug featuring a golden ring as a unique handle, offering a capacity of 300 ml.

Ideal for gifting at Wedding Receptions, Engagements, Bachelorette parties, Office Parties, Christmas, White Elephant exchanges, Birthdays, or any holiday celebration.

Crafted for maximum novelty, it arrives in a sophisticated black jewelry-style box. Upon opening, the box showcases only the ring, leaving recipients surprised as they discover it's a mug upon removal.

Simply slip your finger through the ring to use it as a handle for the mug. Please note, hand washing is recommended for maintenance.

Package Contents:
1 Glossy White Mug with a Golden Ring Handle, measuring 4" high x 3" in diameter at the top x 4" in width including the handle.
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