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Bear Night Light for Kids

Bear Night Light for Kids

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Thanksgiving & Christmas Gifts: The Cute Bear night light is the perfect present for Christmas or birthdays for kids, girls, and girlfriends. We're dedicated to providing an amazing cute night light experience for kids, offering a cute and comforting lamp. Bringing home a bear night light from ONEFIRE means receiving a strong quality promise.

16 Color Changing Bear Night Light: Our bear night light for kids offers a spectrum of 16 colors, with 2 adjustable brightness settings. The gentle glow of these kids' night lights dispels darkness, offering comforting company for kids who fear the dark, aiding a peaceful sleep. This silicone night light for kids is a boon for moms during nighttime activities like changing diapers or nursing babies. Its soothing presence helps ease baby emotions, ward off nightmares, and stand guard over your family each night.

Safe & Soft Silicone Baby Night Light: Crafted from silicone, this cute night light for kids feels as soft as a cake. Warm and portable, it caters to the needs of children who want to carry their night light from the bedroom to the hallway in the wee hours.

Easy Tap Control & Rechargeable Baby Night Light: With a simple tap on the bottom button, kids can access 7 single and breathing modes, fade, and smooth transitions. It's easy for them to control this small teddy bear baby night light. This glowing bear lamp stands guard all night with its 1200mAh long battery life. The cute night light for kids can be recharged through a USB port and lasts for 10 hours once charged (in low light mode), helping your baby fall asleep faster.

Teddy Bear Night Light for Kids: This baby night light adds warmth to any room. With its silicone construction, it creates a serene and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for kids struggling to sleep due to fear of the dark. The Teddy Bear night light protects kids all night, banishing nightmares with its gentle glow. Kids adore this soft and cuddly pillow pal, and it lends a helping hand by enabling your baby to fall asleep faster while leaving your hands free.
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