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Anti Gravity Humidifier

Anti Gravity Humidifier

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Anti-Gravity Display:
Experience the mesmerizing anti-gravity water feature that defies convention by creating the illusion of water droplets defying gravity. This functional display not only captivates but also maintains a moderate level of humidity in your space.

Smart Diffuser:
The Flowlly Air Humidifier comes equipped with intelligent features, including an automatic power-off function after 4 hours of continuous use. Additionally, its water level sensor actively prevents dry burning when water levels run low, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

Non-Slip Base:
Crafted with a rubber-based footing, this humidifier is designed for stability, eliminating worries about slips or accidents. Its secure base keeps it firmly in place wherever you put it.

Easy Assembly:
Refilling or cleaning your humidifier is a breeze thanks to its large detachable water tank. Effortlessly assemble and disassemble the unit for quick refills or cleaning sessions, making maintenance hassle-free.
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