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All in One Fabric Stain Remover

All in One Fabric Stain Remover

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Can Get Stains Out Of Clothes- Just spray and swipe!

Fabric Stain cleaning kit solves the problem of stain removal straight away. It gives you dry cleaning like results at home while using completely safe and eco-friendly ingredients. Its breakthrough formula also provides active Pre-Wash stain treatment before your regular washing cycle therefore giving you freedom to choose its application based on your convenience. This highly versatile & powerful Stain Remover is safe and effective for use on various fabrics. It helps to remove tough stains such as; Grease, lubricant, machine oil, paint, candle wax, glue, chewing gum, nail varnish, petroleum jelly, correction fluid, plastic, resin, shoe polish, wax and tar.

  • Eliminates tough stains, dirt and tough spots from fabric
  • All natural ingredients, no bad odour
  • Safe to use on all household fabrics
  • Can easily remove stains from fabric which we can’t wash frequently
  • Gentle on fabric - helps keep your fabric looking cleaner and lasting longer.


  • Type: Fabric Stain Remover
  • Form Type: Liquid Spray
  • Design: Easy to carry trigger spray bottle
  • Ideal Used For: Clothes, sofa’s & upholstery, woollens, curtains, pillow covers, carpets, quilts, bedsheets, shoes etc.,
  • Effective on: Curry/sauce stains, blood stains, lipstick/chocolate/mud stains, tea/coffee stains, permanent markers & ink
  • Works: Deeply and gentle on fabrics
  • Can Be Used: For instant stain removal or as a pre-wash aid
  • Natural Ingredients: D-limonene. Made from Natural lemons and oranges
  • Expiry: 24 Months Shelf Life
  • Net Wt: 100 ml

Direction of Use:

  • Spray fabric stain remover lightly on the desired surface area of the stain
  • Rub with a soft brush and cloth
  • To avoid the appearance of rings it is recommended you clean the entire area of the fabric where stain is located
  • Gently wipe the treated stain with a colorfast cloth
  • Allow to dry and repeat if needed
  • For tough stain repeat the process
  • You may pre-treat/prewash the stained fabric with Stain Remover and then wash with a regular detergent
Package Contents:1 x All in One Fabric Stain Remover
Country of Origin:India
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