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6 in 1 Galaxy Rotating Projector

6 in 1 Galaxy Rotating Projector

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Galaxy Projector: Transforming Spaces with Celestial Splendor

6 Captivating Scenes: Explore the depths of The Mysterious Nebule Vortex, The Solar System, Vast Universe Space, Starry Moon & Cloud, Fairy Forest Fawn with this projector's diverse film trays.

Adjustable Brilliance and Focus: Illuminate your surroundings in white, yellow, or blue hues, while effortlessly achieving crystal-clear imaging by adjusting the focus.

Versatile Use: Perfect for birthdays, Children’s Day, Valentine's Day, and other occasions, this projector is an ideal décor addition for bedrooms, game rooms, or home theaters, making it a thoughtful gift for children, family, and friends.

Convenient and User-Friendly: Power up using a USB cable, power bank, or laptop without the need for batteries. Just insert the film, press the switch, and adjust the focus—easy steps suitable for children. The 360° rotating night light projector provides an enchanting display of stars and galaxies.

Gift of Wonder for Kids: Transform any bedroom into a dreamy space with this versatile night light projector. Dimmable and lightweight, it's the perfect gift to let kids enjoy celestial wonders as they drift into slumber.
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